Healthcare Providers

 Healthcare now faces pressing issues for more IT and information security under the HITECH Act and HIPA​​A compliance.  It is more important than ever to have the right partner to help comply with these laws and to mitigate risk.  

Financial Services


Banks and Credit Unions

 Financial organizations face a constant and ever growing scrutiny from various regulatory agencies to comply with current and new regulations.  It is more critical than ever for you to implement an effective IT compliance plan.  We are experienced in the financial industry and we know IT security, we will work with you to meet all your compliance requirements. 

Small Business


We live your challenges

 As a small business we understand the constant challenges and pressures you face.  We also know how important the right technology can be to your competitive edge and your success. At CIS we understand the cost of doing business and the cost of using technology.  To balance the need for technology and cost, you must get the most out of your technology investment. You need an astute, experienced, and dependable technology partner to make that happen.   



Local Government

Government agencies at all levels are increasingly at risk from attacks by hackers both domestic and foreign.  Requirements to be increasingly vigilant in protecting data will continue to be mandated.  Agencies are challenge with ways to juggle the resources of a restricted budget and limited staff with implementing improved system security. CIS has decades of experience helping government agencies mitigate risk and meet information security requirements.  




For over two decades CIS has served multiple not-for-profit organizations.  We understand the unique challenges of this sector and we have worked hard to be innovators and problems solvers, developing sound, cost-effective technical solutions for this diverse industry.  We take great pride in helping you serve others.  Partner with CIS for an affordable and reliable solution for your technology needs.